One of my biggest frustrations as a Regional Director of the Alzheimer’s Association was the absence of books and materials that took the point of view of the Alzheimer’s patient instead of the medical establishment and the caregivers. “The Long Moment” offers a wonderful, fresh perspective from the point of view of the individual with the disease.

Carolyn Moore, Former Regional Director, Alzheimer's Association

This exciting book is not just for caregivers but offers people with Alzheimer’s a real voice to communicate their needs when conversational skills have disappeared. Richard Fenker offers us a personal and very unique perspective on how Alzheimer’s affects different types of consciousness and how our cultural dependency on left-brain or speech-oriented consciousness often locks our friend or family with the disease unintentionally in a prison of silence.

Jytte Lokvig, Alzheimer's Professional and author of "Alzheimer's A to Z, Secrets of Successful Caregiving"

This book offers a fresh new approach to understanding how Alzheimer’s disease impacts our verbal, logical communication skills but leaves many other levels of consciousness largely unaffected. It speaks to the importance of the moment and offers caregivers a path, by focusing on long moments, to bring love and joy and hope to the individuals living with the disease.

Glenys Carl, Founder of Coming Home Connection and author of "Hold My Hand"