Don’t Rain on My Parade!

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s does not mean the end of joy and richness in your life, it only means that things are different now and “time’s a wasting.” Instead of grieving and brooding over something you cannot control, we encourage you to get on with your life and find as much joy as possible NOW. The book, “Don’t Rain on My Parade: Living Life To Its Fullest With Alzheimer’s” offers a simple but powerful perspective. If you are recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s the chances are good you will live several years with mild impairment and have many opportunities for independence and joy. Our MindPartner™ program is designed to “come to you” with tools and technology that can improve the quality of your life.

Each of us is going to live until we die and a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is simply one of the many paths that are available. We understand that, given a choice, you would have selected a different path; however, you don’t have that option so it’s best to take a deep breath, accept things as they are and move on. Our mission at Gemini is to provide you with help to make your life with Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia full and rich and filled with many long moments.

Part of the help we offer is a different perspective on the disease and how it will impact your consciousness. Other benefits come from taking the best that technology and practical, positive caregiving approaches have to offer today to support you and making these tools available in the MindPartner™ system.

Regardless of your age and what you have experienced in your life, many meaningful, joyful moments await you. Don’t miss this opportunity to find them.

Don’t Rain on My Parade: Living Life To Its Fullest with Alzheimer’s