MindPartner™ Technical Overview

Building MIND
Building MIND

Using MIND
Using MIND

MindPartner APIs and SDKs

Our APIs: MindPartner’s APIs were developed with the goal of encouraging programmers worldwide to create an array of novel and useful apps. MindPartner™ 2016 has two basic APIs.

Data Access API.
This is the primary way for the MindPartner™ apps to read and write to MIND, or the “individual’s personal history,” which includes photos, text, videos, music fragments, cards and much more.

Geolocation API
This API offers access to the current geographic location of the patient or/and caregivers. It is intended primarily for MindPartner’s environmental management apps but can be used in others or simply to access location data for people, places and devices.

Our SDKs: MindPartner™ Software Development Kits or SDKs offer developers powerful, out-of-the box tools to quickly solve specific kinds of problems and connect to any kind of device. They include:

SDK for Java Script
This toolkit contains a rich collection of client-side functionality for working with an individual’s “personal history” in MIND, making API calls, etc. The ability to add a photo, music fragment or something else from your app to the MIND or to display content from MIND will take just a couple lines of code in an app that uses our SDK.

Additional SDKs: Android, iOS, Smart TV