Technology Meets Caregiving

MindPartner™ 2016 is a revolutionary new product for early-stage individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. It is a SaaS-based* system that allows users to store memories, pictures, videos, music and other parts of their life history in MIND, a “companion mind” that lives on the Cloud . MIND then feeds this information back to the person through a collection of smart apps, where each app is designed to meet a specific need or solve a particular problem. MindPartner™ helps to maintain an active brain, support memory and offer a variety of other cognitive benefits that improve the quality of life for people with dementia. MindPartner™ also represents a powerful ally that can support caregivers, family and friends of the person with dementia. By helping the person maintain an active mind, a positive cognitive outlook and activities which can engage and entertain them the burden of caregiving can be greatly reduced. Later generations of MindPartner™ will contain models that simulate cognitive behavior and provide real time behavior support to reduce frustration and enhance everyday living.

Gemini Mind Technology has constructed an API with a collection of SDKs so that developers worldwide can create new MindPartner™ apps in any language. We hope that, over time, hundreds of apps become available that can take advantage of the “Companion Mind” idea to support improved living and caregiving.

*Software as a service